30 Days of Thanks | Day 4 – Night at Home

We are constantly on the go…races, meetings, photo sessions, practice, church, games, pep band, work, etc.  Sometimes it’s just nice to be home with my family with absolutely no place to go.  Tonight I am thankful for our night at home.  Lounging in our sweats, a nice dinner, tv, relaxing and of course, plenty of horsing around.  Nights like these don’t happen very often, but we are between seasons for a very short period of time.  I will cherish nights like tonight before the wrestling season starts and we are back on the go non-stop.  So here is my family enjoying a Friday night at home.  Brian watching TV, James preparing for Nerf Dart War and Spotty ready to play ball.  Typically I would not encourage throwing balls in the house, but I did have a fun tennis ball war with James.  Then he proceeded to kick my butt in an impromptu wrestling match in the living room.  It was that moment that I realized just how much he is growing up (and I can’t take him on anymore!)  Before he went to bed, we decided to measure him quick.  Yep, another 3/4″ taller in the last two months.  Ugh!  All in all, a great night with my family 🙂

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