30 Days of Thanks | Day 5 – Cross Country State Meet

Today I am thankful for the Minnesota state cross country meet.  Brian’s dad, Jim, is a CC coach and Brian is a former CC runner.  When my son, James, was in 6th grade we went to the state meet to cheer on one of Jim’s runners.  It was that meet that sold James on the sport.  He really enjoyed the atmosphere and had so much fun running from point to point to cheer on the runners.  The next fall he joined the cross country team as a seventh grader.  He really found his sport!  It’s perfect for his tall, lanky body and his ability to run forever 🙂  His first year in CC he had wonderful team captains that really encouraged him and took him under their wings.  He was lucky to be able to run varsity toward the end of the season and even lettered in the sport.  The next year brought him more success as he earned a varsity spot in the first race of the season and was able to maintain it through the year.  As an 8th grader he was running behind 5 seniors…what a great learning opportunity for him.  This year as a 9th grader, he came into the season as the most experienced runner on the boys team.  A new junior came out and really helped push him throughout the year and he was the #2 runner this season!  Although none of his teammates made it to state this year, one of Jim’s runners made it and she is the first girl in her school history to do it!  James chose to skip out on another fun activity to go cheer her on.  Again, he was energized by the atmosphere and level of competition.  He has set a goal to make it to state as a junior and senior.  I am so thankful that we found this wonderful sport!  It has taught James a lot about hard work and accountability and it has given him confidence and  taught him to set goals.  We have met so many great people as well and it all started with one state meet 🙂

This is Jim’s runner, Sarah.  She is in the green and white uniform with the yellow writing.  Congrats to Sarah for being the first girl in Austin Pacelli history to make it to the state CC meet!  She placed 88th and is only a 9th grader!  Way to go!

The state CC meet is held in Northfield, MN.  Brian’s sister, Stephani, lives there and invited us all over to her new place for a little housewarming party.  It was a fun day hanging out with the Parlin clan.  This is Stephani’s daughter McKenna.  Brian bought her Barbie makeup for her birthday…she LOVES it 🙂  Here she is putting her makeup on.  I love the backlighting in these shots!  Oh, and I am totally jealous of the gorgeous light that filters into your house Stephani!!!!  Thank you for inviting us over for the day 🙂

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