30 Days of Thanks | Day 10 – Test Drive

Brian has been without a vehicle for nearly a month and a half after getting caught in the middle of a four car pile up in Stewartville.  Being a one car household is difficult when you have three people who are always busy.  We’ve been able to manage, but it hasn’t been easy.  Brian hasn’t been in a rush to find something new.  In fact, he’s down right dragging his feet hoping a great deal will fall into his lap.  I am thankful today that Brian FINALLY decided to test drive some vehicles in hopes of narrowing down his selection.  That means we are one step closer to having another car!!!!!  He is currently driving a 2006 Trailblazer.  We did not want to like this vehicle, but the ride is so smooth and there is much more room than we had with our previous small SUV.  Unfortunately, this particular vehicle has more miles than we want, but we can officially add another model to the list of possibilities.  Hopefully, we are a two car household by the start of wrestling!

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