30 Days of Thanks | Day 14 – 11 Years of Service

So I completely forgot, with it being the weekend, that yesterday marked my 11 year anniversary at Mayo Clinic.  I have worked in Orthopedic Surgery all, but my first 5 weeks on the job while I was in training.  It is amazing to think that I have been in one place so long and it is nothing in comparison to some of my co-workers who have been in my department for over 40 years!  I am thankful for my job, the people I get to help and the wonderful people that I get to work with.  I truly believe you should take pride in what you do, not just show up and punch a time clock!  This is my lovely Mayo badge.  Last year I received my 10 year pin (bling), hopefully sometime this year I will receive on-site parking….and yes, I am bitter that they keep pushing the date back….LOL!

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