30 Days of Thanks | Day 17 – Teenage Labor

Sometimes kids have to learn the hard way.  I am thankful that I can teach my son lessons that will hopefully impact his decision making in the future.  He decided to blow off his science class this quarter.  As a parent, it is so hard to watch someone with all the ability in the world become complacent and just not care.  Well, he’ll learn to care…or he will be finding himself doing more chores like this one!  LOL!  James earned the honor of raking the whole yard by himself.  Yes, it is one of the crappiest chores imaginable at our household.  We have several mature trees on our 1/4 acre lot that drop about a billion leaves each fall.  Our yard is fenced in so they have nowhere to go!  It took him several days, but he got it done.  He had plenty of time to think about where blowing off your school work gets you.  I am already coming up with the next awful chore for when he decides he needs to learn the hard way again 🙂

This is James finishing up the easy part…the front.  What’s worse than having to rake?  Seeing your mom taking pictures while heckling you the whole time!

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