52 Week Photo Project | Week One – Resolution | Pop Can iPhoneography

I have participated in a 365 day photo challenge in the past where I have attempted to take a photo every day for a year.  I really love taking photographs so I thought it would be a wonderful way to learn more about photography, create art, express myself and capture my life!  I was unsuccessful at posting something every day….yes, I failed at my 365 day blog…TWICE!  The funny thing is when you start taking a picture every. single. day. with no direction you tend to get a little lost.  So this year I am taking part in a photography project where we take one photo every week for a year, hence 52 Week Photo Project!  Every week there is a new theme to represent with my photography.  I think it will be fun and it’s definitely good to have a little challenge every once in awhile!  Plus, I have a group of fabulous photographer friends that are not only a great source of inspiration, but they are supportive too!  They will hopefully keep me rolling with the project this year!

Well, on to week one.  Our theme this week is RESOLUTION.  What a fitting way to start off the new year as millions of people are making resolutions this week.  I tell myself I should do things like work out more, drink less pop, get organized, keep better records for my business.  Yet there is no real commitment there so I don’t feel so bad if I slip up…LOL!  So here it is…putting it in writing:  my resolution is to LEARN, CAPTURE, DOCUMENT, CREATE, SHARE.  Yeah, a photography related resolution is a little obvious since I already spend countless hours obsessing about it, but I have some pet projects that I just haven’t had the time to get to.  I have a list of things I want to accomplish:  I want to learn to shoot macro, I want to get in more pictures with my family, I want to explore new styles of photography, I want to step out of my comfort zone, I want to create beautiful heirloom displays for my family, I want to share my knowledge with others who love photography….I seriously have a very long list.

One of the things on my list revolves around creating art with my camera phone, iPhoneography!  After nearly three years of hating my crappy cell phone, I was finally able to upgrade to the iPhone 4S.  This phone has really changed the way I look at photography.  It’s not enough to just take pictures with it, but to create something special with it and instantly share that with people from all over the world…how cool is that?!  So I started my first week of the year learning about the art of iPhoneography!  There is a whole world out there that is passionate about creating art with their camera phones.  I learned a ton of useful apps and tips to get me started and I am filled with so many ideas that I would like to accomplish.  This year, I am looking forward to sharing my favorite apps, posting some tutorials and hopefully encouraging others do get creative with their phones as well.

This photo was created within the first couple of minutes of my iPhoneography workshop.  It definitely fits my resolution theme to learn, capture, document, create and share.

Now you know, I have a messy work station and I LOVE Mt. Dew…LOL!   This photo was shared on Instagram.  If you have an iPhone, Instagram is a free app perfect for sharing your photos.  Not only can you post them to the app, but you can simultaneously post them to Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, Flickr and several more sites too.  You can find me on Instagram by searching for:  nmathison

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