Life Through my iPhone | February

February is normally my favorite month of the year.  Valentine’s Day.  Watching the best wrestling of the season at Sections.  I get to celebrate my birthday, or birthday week 🙂  Brian spoils me with gifts and flowers.  I even started participating in a themed photo a day challenge were you have to post a pic based on the day’s topic.  It gives you something to photograph when you run out of ideas.  Unfortunately, the month ended on a sour note as my uncle unexpectedly passed away on my birthday.  With the sad news I completely lost the desire to even photograph section wrestling.  I didn’t even want to continue with the birthday week plans.  But I would like to say thank you so much to all the wonderful family and friends that were so supportive and kind during that time.  Here’s what I was up to during the month.


Cop that can’t park within the lines.  Live Humble in honor of Garrett Steiger.  Hands.  Oreo truffles…yum!  I am blind.  We love Mr. Pizza.  Button.  Sunset.  Me.  Time to finally take down our Christmas wreath.  Spotty bites Brian in the nose and we end up in the ER.  Friends again.  Office Voodoo Kit.  Valentine’s Day.  Cell phone graveyard.  Shopping…cute new dress.  Awesome new canvas!  Creative split lighting.  My co-workers and I are great with assigning nicknames.  Handwriting.  Tie shopping for James’ school dance.  Me and Brian.  Cute shoes I wore on my birthday!  Birthday week took an awful turn as my uncle passed away on my birthday – this is a picture of him holding my son when he was a week or two old 🙁 .  Qtips.  Night time.  Lunch at City Market.  Icy tree.  Wake for my Uncle Brad 🙁

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