Seeing The World From A Whole New Perspective | Stewartville, MN iPhoneographer

Buying the iPhone4S last fall has been a game changer for me.  I love having the amazing photo capabilities without having to carry a point and shoot camera with me wherever I go.  And because I always always always have my phone, it really makes it so easy to capture life, the little details along the way and the moments as they happen.  That is so much harder to do when I have to carry my big DSLR with me.

I participate in a 365 day photo challenge with my iPhone and post frequently to Instagram.  Once you are in the app, you see so many gorgeous photos and it makes you curious…how did they take those AMAZING closeups or cool wide angle shots?  Well, one of the tricks of the trade is by using the OLLOCLIP!

The Olloclip is a handy little set of lenses that attach to your iPhone.  They completely change the way you look at things.  You can get super close with the macro lens, get a wide angle view of a scene or even get a funky 180 degree view with the fisheye lens.  It is so much fun to pull out the lenses and capture a different take on things!

Here’s an example of each of three lenses is action:



Wide Angle






What To Wear For Fabulous Family Sessions | Rochester, MN Area Family Photographer

Hello to all the moms out there trying to figure out how to dress your family for your next photo session…this set is calling your name!!!  Yes, if you want your family to look fabulous, play up your basic neutrals by adding in two signature colors.  Here we added blue and pink tones which are absolutely perfect for your spring and early summer sessions.  And of course every mom should have a cute pair of shoes!!!

Super Spotty | Stewartville’s Most Athletic Dog!

We often brag up Spotty’s talents as the best athlete in the house.  He seriously has some skills when it comes to ball handling!  Even as he ages, he never loses his drive and desire to play ball….for hours!  There’s just one requirement if you come to our house for a visit…you MUST throw Spotty his ball at least a time or two.  You will marvel at his acrobatic feats as he leaps in the air, bounces off of furniture and tracks down any ball-like object with a sheer intensity only seen in seriously athletes and you will most certainly gain a friend for life!  Now that the weather is warm, Spotty is ready to go!  Here’s just a quick peek at what play time looks like at our house with Stewartville’s most athletic dog 🙂

Life Through My iPhone | March

March = state wrestling, vacations, Brian’s birthday and more!  Check out what we were up to this past month.


Spending time with family after my uncle’s funeral is priority number 1 – this is my uncle Jeff who lives in CA.  From funeral directly to state wrestling – Nick in his match at the state tourney.  State finals.  Wrestling season is over and the ugly mustache must go.  Spotty napping.  Brian napping.  Almost got stuck by a needle left on a bed at work.  Me.  Ryan wrestling in the border battle in Iowa as Brian coached.  Beer on the plane to FL.  Ft Myers Beach.  Dinner at Junkeroos, our fave spot on the beach.  Twins Spring Training.  Chillin poolside.  Sal Cincotta in Miami.  Editing my photos after an amazing day shooting with Sal.  St Patty’s Day.  Spotty and Brian missed each other.  Brian making his own taco seasoning.  Brian’s birthday lunch.  Zone.  Birthday cheesecake a couple days late.  James dislocated his knee cap :(.  Ladies day at the winery for Shelly’s birthday.  Still swollen on day three.  Hosting the fantasy baseball draft.  My new camera, the 5DMarkIII <3.  Sunset at the stoplight.  BP is so cool.  Bored waiting during James’ MRI.  Crashing the Parlin household and drinking their beer while they are out of town 🙂