Life Through My iPhone | May

1. Flower macro  2. Gorgeous day  3. Stewartville boys varsity baseball poster session  4. Mustache  5. Celebrating our 10 year anniversary at Four Daughters  6. Twins beer pong  7. Clouds  8. Baxter  9. James in for a knee checkup  10. Bright Horizons preschool session  11. Sharks baseball  12. Spotty hanging out with my while I was sick  13. World’s best mother  14. Still sick  15. Mother’s day gift from Brian  16. Sammy’s senior modeling session  17. Chrissy’s senior modeling session  18. James’ band concert  19. James is cleared to mow  20. Dark room  21. Pic from Kayla’s modeling session  22.  Another fave from Kayla’s session  23. First baseball poster mock up   24. Pouring  25. Med City Marathon run with Jeff Galloway  26. Med City Marathon 5K and Kid’s run  27. Med City Marathon official photographer  28. Relaxation on Memorial Day  29.  Final Stewartville boys baseball team poster  30. Preschool set up  31. Sunset

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