Product Showcase | Mounted Wall Portraits

Mounted wall portraits are one of my most popular products that I offer my clients.  They are sturdy, beautiful and they can be displayed in your home in several ways!  Mounted wall portraits are sprayed with a protective UV coating and mounted  on a styrene backing.  They are the perfect product to be hung on the wall as art, will fit in any standard size frame, can be displayed on an easel or even placed on a shelf or mantle.  Mounted wall portraits range in size from 11×14 all the way up to 30×40!

Here is an example of a how they can be displayed in your home.  This a 16×20 mounted wall portrait, framed with the glass removed.

Below is a 16×24 Mounted Wall Portrait with close up details!

 If you are a current Nicole Mathison Photography client, I would love to see how you are displaying our products in your home!  Please e-mail me a photo at and you may be featured on my blog or my future marketing materials!


Life Through My iPhone | July


1. Olympics  2. Hot  3. Bent pic  4. Fireworks  5. Editing the Roeder session  6. My senior pic  7. McKenna  8. Spotty loves sun  9. Spotty loves the Sharks  10. Bite  11. Spotty misses Brian  12. Donating blood  13. James devoured this watermelon  14.  St. John’s Block Party  15. Nice parking job by James  16. Spotty puked on Brian  17. James gets cardiac work up  18. Wet walk to my car  19. Goodbye lens  20. Work happy hour  21. McKenna’s birthday party  22. Hello Kitty  23. Acrylic  24. Lettuce from our garden  25. Celebrating a $1000+ sale with champagne  26. Preveal  27. Olympic closing ceremony  28. Twins game  29. Apple TV  30. Ear of corn water tower  31. Missed