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I am beyond excited to introduce my newest and coolest product!

Customized Client Mobile Apps!!!

What is the one thing that people rarely leave home without?  Their cell phone!  If you are like me, you panic when you don’t have your phone with you!  I mean my whole life is on my phone, why should my favorite images from my session be any different?  With custom client mobile apps, you can proudly take your images with you wherever you go in your very own app perfect for iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices.

*You can see how Kayla’s custom app appears on my home screen up with her name and my icon.

Your images will be optimized for your mobile device and viewable in a clean and professional slideshow.  You will even be able to view the images when you are not connected to Wi Fi!  You can share your customized mobile app with your friends and family members so they can have it on their phones as well!

*You can simply swipe your fingers across the screen or use the navigation buttons below to view all of the images as a slideshow or just advance each image one at a time.

Imagine how jealous your friends will be when you whip out your mobile device and show them a gorgeous gallery of your images!

Simple, easy to use and completely unique!

Customized Client Mobile Apps are included in any portraiture package or can be purchased a la carte.

If you had your custom portrait session with me in the past, e-mail me at to see how you can get your very own complimentary app!!!!!

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