Kayla | Stewartville, MN Teen

Okay, so I am officially the world’s worst blogger!  It is already September and I think I only blogged one of my sessions this year 🙁  I am locking myself to my computer until I get caught up!

This is Kayla.  Her session has been posted on my facebook page and you have probably seen a few images of her on the blog.

For this session we hit downtown Stewartville!  Yes, there is a downtown…LOL!

Kayla was so fun to photograph!  She was literally up for anything that I asked her to do 🙂

I think I am in love with this blue wall!
And…..she looks like Jennifer Aniston here….
Did I mention she brought a killer wardrobe with her?!!!!

Kayla likes to laugh a lot!  Mostly at me when I am being goofy 🙂She is totally not afraid to be herself. When we finished downtown, we headed over to Florence Park.Please walk 100 feet into the weeds, now stand in them, no wait….sit in them 🙂  I may ask my subjects to do odd things from time to time.Hello!  Gorgeous girl next door 🙂

 Yes, she is simply stunning.

And I really couldn’t decide which version I liked better so here she is in color and black & white.
 I always like to end the session with an awesome silhouette!  Kayla may have jumped in the air 30 times!

Thanks for the great session Kayla!  I simply adore the images we captured!!!!

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