Happy New Years!

Wow, I can’t believe how fast this year went by!  It’s amazing how time flies.  We truly have so much to be thankful for this year and so much to celebrate.

I am going to do a quick run down of some of the major events, both personal and professional, from each month:
January:  Brian’s wrestler, Ryan Williamson, collected his 100th career win.  This is the first wrestler that has reached the milestone with only Brian as a high school coach.  He was very proud!

February:  This is a tough one for me.  My uncle, Brad, passed away on my birthday.  He was the uncle that I was the closest to.  He loved to follow all of Brian’s teams and couldn’t wait to talk his ear off at family events 🙂  He always made homemade soup for James and he would help me with anything that I needed, including roofing our house.  He loved to play ball with Spotty too 🙂  Birthdays will never be the same.

March:  Brian and I made our trip down to Twins Spring Training in Florida again.  This year there was an added bonus as I got to take a 2 day workshop with the amazing Sal Cincotta!!!  I met him when I went to WPPI U and he has made a huge impact on my photography business.  Needless to say, this experience was amazing!!!

April:  James missed the whole baseball season with a dislocated knee cap.  Surgery is in his future, but he is determined to rehab it as best as he can.

May:  May was extremely busy for me as I shot the Stewartville baseball team for their poster, 3 senior modeling sessions and I was the official photographer for the Med City Marathon!  It was three days of shooting and thousands of pictures, but I had a great time!

June:  I got the opportunity to photograph Mike Roeder and his family.  Mike was battling Cancer.  I am so glad his family will have those images together to cherish as he lost his battle in November.

July:  I sat glued to my TV for days watching the Olympics.  I know I wasn’t the only one 🙂

August:  I had the absolute worst thing happen.  I lost a CF card from a photography session.  I network with a few groups of amazing photographers and one of the women gave me the idea to try a metal detector.  I can’t explain to you how amazing Brian is as he researched and rented the detector for me and helped me locate that tiny card in 6 foot tall weeds!  Yes, we found it, thank God, but this is also another very good reason why professional photographer’s carry insurance.  Bad things can happen and gear can be lost.  Luckily my card survived a storm and all of my images were able to be recovered.

September:  This was a huge and busy month for James.  It marked the start of his cross country season and 10th grade, there was homecoming and a fundraiser for his youth group’s trip to Texas, but most importantly he got his driver’s license!!!!  Brian and I are really getting to like this as now we have someone to run all of our errands 🙂

October:  I did my first fashion collaboration with Katie Kirkof.  She is an extremely talented make up artist at About Face and probably the sweetest person you could ever meet.  Our model was Kate Wilson, a Rochester Native and the former Miss Grand Forks.  She was beyond stunning!

November:  We can just forget this month ever happened.  It was terrible.  I was the sickest I have ever been in my adult life.  It was awful and got me so far behind on my photography sessions 🙁  Brian also had a lot of set backs with his wrestling team.  A lot of good kids made some really poor decisions which have had a very negative impact on the team and the whole season.  Brian is an amazing coach so I know he will get those guys back on track!

December:  Brian had another wrestler hit the 100 win mark.  This time it was Ryan’s brother, Carter Williamson.  Congrats to the Williamson family for having two boys hit the 100 win mark in one calendar year!


If you have been following along this year, I completed my first 365 day iPhone photo challenge.  It was a goal of mine from the beginning of the year and I figured it would be much easier to accomplish using my iPhone because it’s always by my side!  I found a wonderful app called Photo 365.  It makes it incredibly easy to log your daily photos and you can even set a reminder so you don’t forget to take a picture.  I ended up with close to 400o images taken with my iPhone this year!  Even with all of those pictures I did miss a total of 18 days this year.  That’s still a success in my book 🙂  Here’s a look at my full year of images, but you can check the personal category on my blog for each monthly post with details.

New Years always marks a time of reflection on the year past and planning for the year ahead.  Or in my son’s case, just an excuse to party with his friends.  Here’s James all decked out to host his NYE party!

Unfortunately for us, that meant a constantly ringing doorbell for us and meltdowns for our poor dog, Spotty.  He goes nuts when someone comes to the door.  I really feel sorry for our poor Fed Ex and UPS delivery drivers that have to listen to him all the time when they are delivering my photography stuff.  Spotty claimed the title for the World’s Naughties New Years Eve Dog.  Let’s just say he was incredibly bad and leave it at that.  Once the kids all left, he was able to relax again.

Somewhere in all the craziness of our naughty dog barking, kids squealing, pounding music and neighborhood fireworks, Brian and I were able to enjoy a toast to the New Year 🙂

I hope you each had a wonderful and safe start to your New Year!

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