52 Week Photo Project | Week 1 Time

The start of the new year is always a popular time for starting photography projects.  Last year I participated in my 365 day iPhone project and I attempted a 52 week photo project.  The latter was a huge failure for me.  I got the equivalent of writer’s block and couldn’t come up with ideas for a couple of the themes and that was all it took to derail me for the entire year.  This year I am determined to stay the course….and at least get past week 5 🙂  I have a few different blogs that announce weekly themes so hopefully between them I can come up with something to shoot each week.  This week I actually was able to post in two of the forums!  I am posting my favorite here though.

This is Brian and Spotty.  After Spotty’s insanity on New Years Eve, he was the most loving dog you could ever meet on New Years Day.  All it took was a quiet house and a little one-on-one attention from Brian.  It was pretty late and the house was completely dark, with the exception of the light coming from the TV and my computer screen in the dinning room.  I decided to test the boundaries of my Mark III and pump up the ISO.  This was at an incredible 25,600 ISO!  I was shooting with my 50 mm 1.4 lens, which is a great lens because it captures your images very true to how you see them with your own eyes.  I was at F 2.0 and 1/50 sec.  I love the way Brian is looking down at Spotty and how content he is to snuggle up with him.  Quite a contrast from the night before when he was trying to bite us.  This year I am going to try to make more of an effort to capture our daily lives, little moments like this.

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