52 Week Photo Project | Week 2 Silhouette

I am already behind with my posting (notoriously bad blogger here), but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been getting some shooting in 🙂  The theme for week 2 was silhouette.  I have had this image in my mind for quite awhile, I just haven’t had the opportunity to get it done, but we took advantage of one of the more decent January weather days and went out to my favorite spot to capture silhouettes.

James is an avid runner.  He runs CC for Stewartville and this spring is thinking about making the switch from baseball to track.  Running is something he really enjoys and definitely has the body type for it 🙂  I think it’s very important to document your children’s activities and it is even more rewarding when they find something that they truly love to do!  I definitely have tons of images from his various competitions, but I was looking for something a little different with this session.  I wanted to capture his love for the sport, while creating something beautiful that we can display in our home as art work so when James got home after his regular run, we decided to head out for a few fun images 🙂  James will run year round so a little cold weather is nothing to him as you can see HERE.  We actually lucked out with an unseasonably warm day for January and winter sunsets rarely disappoint!  I love this image and how it looks like he is kicking the sun 🙂  This will definitely be making it’s way to my printer soon! 


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