52 Week Photo Project | Week 5 Low Light

I used to be terrified of shooting in low light conditions.  My poor camera body just could not handle it without my images becoming extremely grainy.  Ever since upgrading to the Canon 5D Mark III last year, I am in love with the flexibility that I have to really push my shooting conditions.  This week I got to take advantage of that by utilizing dim lighting and pushing my ISO up to 8000!

Spotty sure lives a spoiled life.  He’s enjoying his morning nap on his comfy bed 🙂  Ah, it’s a dog’s life!

52 Week Photo Project | Week 4 Weather

For this week, I was to capture the weather.  Since it’s January, the weather can be frigid with a ton of snow.  Luckily, that’s not the case right now, but we did get some ice.  I love how it coats the trees and encapsulates everything.  So beautiful!