Newborn Safety & Keeping Baby Comfortable | Rochester, MN Newborn Photographer

I just want to take  a quick minute to talk about newborn safety.  There are so many newborn photographers out there, but when you are entrusting your perfect little bundle of joy to them you want to make sure that they are using safe techniques to make sure your baby is comfortable and does not get harmed in the process.  Of course, we have all perused Pinterest and other sites to see these adorable newborn poses and maybe thought to ourselves, how the heck do they get the baby to do that?!  Well, if it is done safely, it is through the magic of photoshop and a composite of two or more images.  Babies do not naturally hold their heads up when they are new.  Here is an example of one of my images and the shots that I used to create it.

You will notice that mom’s hand is on the baby at all times.  This is very important.  She is actually supporting the weight of the baby’s head and holding her upright.  With the magic of photoshop, I was able to put the two images together, removing mom’s hands to come up with the final image.

If your photographer is putting your baby on or in props, it is important to keep a hand on the baby at all times.  You want to ensure that the prop does not tip over or the baby does not roll and they should never use a prop that could break, such as a glass vase or plate.  I will frequently use a parent’s hand, rolled towels or even weights to support the baby or prop that I am using.  It is also important to know that all babies will not naturally go into all positions.  Your baby should never be forced into a position or rushed into a position.  If I get a request to incorporate a certain prop or pose, I will be honest with the parents and let them know when it will not work.  I will also keep my camera strap on, especially when photographing baby from above.  I would never want my camera to slip out of my hands and hit your baby!

Another important note is that time and environment play a big factor in your newborn session.  A sleepy baby is a relaxed and happy baby.  Babies come from a warm environment so I always have the heat turned up to around 80 degrees to keep the baby comfortable when they are not fully clothed.  They are also used to hearing lots of sounds when they are in the womb like mom’s heartbeat and blood flow through her body, the sound of her digestive system and even the sound of her voice.  I keep white noise on during my sessions to mock the noisy environment that the baby comes from.  This absolutely does NOT include the use of a hair dryer, which can be dangerous to the baby.  I will always I allow plenty of time for feedings during the session to keep the baby nice and relaxed and sleepy.  This allows me to really take my time and not rush through the poses.  If the baby is wide awake, they will definitely not want to settle in to a pose like the one above!  My typical sessions last anywhere from 2-4 hours.

When you are searching for your newborn photographer, it’s important to ask them what steps they go through to make your baby’s comfort and safety is priority number one!

New Project: Monthly Blog Circle


I have met some of the most amazing, supportive women on the photography site, Clickinmoms (CM).  It’s a community full of photographers of all skill levels.  I first found CM three years ago.  I had only had my DLSR for a few months and had no idea how to use it!  It was a shame to spend all that money on a nice piece of equipment, yet only use the automatic functions that were pre-programmed…and that awful green box…auto!  What I did know is that I wanted to take better pictures of my son while he was competing in his sporting events and using the auto functions weren’t giving me the look or control that I was hoping for.  I jumped right in to learning everything I possibly could, starting with the exposure triangle and how to shoot in manual.  I started my own personal project taking a photo every day and began getting requests to photograph friends and family.  My love for photography grew even deeper and it was so wonderful having a great support system at home to encourage me along, but let’s face it….Brian and James didn’t really understand  anything about photography and they quickly got bored with listening to me go on and on about it 🙂  By this point, I had been on the Clickinmoms forum for over a year and had taken a couple of their amazing, in-depth workshops.  It was by chance that I would get paired with some of the most fantastic, talented women who were also in the same 201 level workshop.  During the workshops, participants are constantly interacting with one another, giving support and critique and learning about each other’s families and lives beyond the world of photography.  This particular group didn’t cut ties as soon as the workshop was over.  Instead, we created our own small group where we could continue to get to know each other and learn and grow together.  These women come from all walks of life and are in all different stages of our photography journeys.  Some are very talented moms with cameras and some are running busy photography businesses, even while working another job outside the home.  I am proud and honored to call them my friends and not a day goes by that I don’t communicate with them in some way!

We finally decided to create a monthly blog circle.  Each month we will have a theme and each person will capture that theme in their own style.   This will give us the some inspiration and incentive to work on different photography skills and genres while capturing things important to us.  We will be posting a link to the next person on the list so as you follow my journey, you will be able to follow my friends in their journeys as well <3

Our theme this month is composition.  Composition is one of the most important elements in photography.  I am currently involved in the Composition & Creativity 301 workshop at Clickinmoms.  This workshop is very intense and has already had me taking a deep look at the way I approach my photography.

Here are a few of my favorite images demonstrating different composition techniques from the past month:

Use of negative space

Rule of thirds/subject running into the frame

Using shadows to eliminate a distracting background

Subject within 25% of the frame

Negative space and shallow depth of field to isolate the subject

Thanks for checking out my post this month.  Follow along our blog circle by checking out the gorgeous work from my dear friend Kristen from Nestalgia Photography in Texas HERE.

Betcher Family | Stewartville, MN Family Photographer

It was my pleasure to have the opportunity to photograph the Betcher family this weekend.  They are each so cool for  many reasons and they made this session so much fun to shoot!  Audrey is an incredibly strong, intelligent woman who is an amazing mother.  You can tell her influence on her children when you listen to them talk with passion about the things that they love.  Nora is bubbly, super trendy and has a sophisticated style and confidence that shines though and yes, I want to steal about everything in her closet every time I see her 🙂  Karl is beyond animated and intelligent.  He loves to compose his own music and had so many wonderful ideas for our session!

Here’s a couple of sneak peeks from our session.  I am so glad they were up for anything and I was thrilled to photograph images that captured the essence of their family, as family is everything <3

I am having so much fun capturing beautiful silhouettes lately!  I am glad the sky was so beautiful last night and I have a really special silhouette coming for Karl 🙂

Where Have I Been? Check Out My Exciting News!


I admit it.  I’ve been a little absent so far this year.  If you’re wondering where I’ve been, no,  I didn’t drop off the face of the Earth….we are having a baby!!!  A girl to be exact 🙂  We are thrilled to announce that we will be adding to our family in September!