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One of the projects I am participating in this year is a “Blog Triangle” with two of my dear photography friends.  We met in an online photography workshop nearly 2 1/2 years ago and talk almost daily now.  They are such talented photographers and inspire me when I am totally in a rut 🙂  We are going to be doing a 10 on 10 project where every month on the  10th we will be posting 10 photos from our day.  I decided that I should capture a bit of our record setting Polar Vortex.  The cold was insane!  Waking up to temperatures -24 degrees with a windchill of -54 shut down the whole state of Minnesota.  Our Governor ordered that all public schools should be closed for the safety of the children.  Unfortunately, I still had to work.  When the temps are this cold you cannot just jump in your car and head out the door.  You have to start your car to warm it up.  Hopefully, the cold weather didn’t drain your battery.  After a good 20 minutes, my car wasn’t freezing anymore, but it certainly wasn’t warm.  I was too busy to capture the people bundled up heading to work, but before I left for the day, I captured my view from the 14th floor.  Everything looks so peaceful from up here, you forget how awful it really is outside.  When crazy weather strikes, you get to witness beautiful things like sun dogs (rainbow to the right of the sun).  On the way home, we could see the one to the left of the sun as well.  It was quite a sight.

Your exhaust actually freezes to your car when it’s this cold.  When you get stopped at a light, you become surrounded by the fog from the cars exhaust around you.
Even with our heat set to 72 degrees, the windows freeze up from the inside.  We are so thankful that we have a new furnace.  Unfortunately, our old one died during a cold snap last winter.I may never see out of my front window again until it thaws in the spring, but the frost patterns are lovely!What do Minnesotans do when the weather gets THIS cold?  We head outdoors and attempt science experiments.  In this set of 4 images James bundled up so we could go out side and throw a pan of boiling water in the air.  It freezes instantly!  Crazy!  Apparently this only works with boiling water and sub zero temperatures.We thought we would attempt a few more frozen bubbles as seen HERE, but the cold temps and raw wind quickly chased us back indoors.  It was fun seeing the bubbles pop mid air though.  They literally turned into a puff of snow! I hope you enjoyed my 10 images this month.  I am happy to report that we are finally starting to warm up a bit.  If you’re not frozen to your seat yet, please follow along to Jen’s blog to see what she was up to this month!


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