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What’s a typical Sunday like at our house?  For this month’s 10 on 10 I thought I would give you a little view at my morning.  Emi gets up at the crack of dawn and goes like crazy until her poor sleep deprived mom gets a break when dad rolls out of bed… roughly around noonish!  Actually, we were lucky this weekend and dad was up around 11 🙂  When Emi refuses to nap and I can’t get anything done, I decide to set up a little photo shoot for her because she LOVES the attention!  She is so full of smiles, but I love her silly little faces too.  She looks so sweet and innocent here and I am a total sucker for a little ruffly baby butt <3

Emi is a mover and a shaker…er, roller and a drooler!

When all else fails, it’s the exersaucer to the rescue!  I love how she spins around and plays with each item.  She’s having a blast exploring new things with her fingers.  We even had to raise it up a notch because she’s getting so long.  She loves to stand and wobble around.

If you noticed her outfit above, Emi is Gopher ready.  She just needed to wait for her daddy to get up so we could watch the #3 ranked Gopher Wrestling team face off against #1 ranked Penn State.  It was a huge match up and turned out to be quite the nail biter.  Emi loves watching wrestling, but notice the look of terror on her face in the second picture!  Dad was getting a little too wild for her so mom had to put the camera down and rescue her.  Dad was just happy that she was awake so he didn’t have to be too quiet while cheering them on 🙂  The Gophers pulled off an amazing win to become Big 10 Champs and Emi got to enjoy calmer snuggles with her dad afterward <3

Thanks for taking a peek at my weekend.  Follow along to see what my friend Jen was up to this month!

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