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In January I took a workshop on macro photography with my friend Jen (she’s up next in our blog triangle).  Macro is all about seeing things differently.  Taking your time and really thinking about your shot.  Capturing details that would normally be overlooked.  I have always been drawn to the beautiful macro images I’ve seen and I have been dying to get a macro lens of my own for years.  I am so glad Jen encouraged me to do it!  The workshop opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at the world 🙂  I have hardly picked up my camera at all this month, but I did take the time to photograph the beautiful bouquet of flowers that Brian bought me for Valentine’s Day.  From the stems and buds to the flowers in full bloom, here are my 10 images this month:
Next up is Jen.  Check out her how she spent her day.  Her kids are too adorable for words!

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