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In addition to fun topics like LOVE from last month, our blog circle will also be working on building our skills in different areas.  This month we chose negative space for our topic.  Negative space is an important element in photography.  It helps with composition and even draws your eye to the intended subject matter.  I tend to focus  much more closely on my subjects, often filling the frame with them so it was fun to shoot this month with that concept in mind.

My first image captures our dog, Spotty, doing what he does best…lounging in the sun.  It’s been a long, harsh winter and seeing the sun has been very rare.  He was definitely soaking it up!

We are currently on our yearly vacation to Florida.  It is nice because it gives me an excuse to do a little more personal shooting than I normally do when I am home.  Plus, this is Emi’s first Florida trip so there is a lot to document 🙂  The weather down here has been less than desirable.  In fact, it’s been some of the worst weather we have ever had in the 12ish years we’ve been coming down here.  Rain, rain, more rain and cold.  In between, we have been able to sneak a few glimpses of the sun.  This was one of those moments on our second full day at our condo in Port Charlotte, FL.  This was Emi’s first time swimming.  She had a look of pure concentration on her face the whole time, but she LOVED every minute of it and was kicking up a storm.

It’s very rare for us to actually stay so close to the ocean.  One year we camped in Key West.  Other than that, we are usually much further inland.  This year we scored a condo right across the street from this beautiful view!  There was a great little park, perfect for a stroller ride with Emi 🙂  The weather was a bit chilly, but the sun shining down made up for it!

While on our walk, I was on the lookout for subjects for my “What is it Wednesday” macro game.  This was the first time I have ever attempted capturing a macro shot of a moving insect.  It is much harder than it looks….especially with the wind that was coming off the water.

After dinner, we rushed back to the same spot to capture this gorgeous sunset.  Since it’s usually quite a trek to get to the beach, we don’t have many opportunities to see the sunset over the water.
This was one of the images that was a “must have” for me while on vacation.  Emi is truly at a fun stage right now and it was something that could easily be done with a wiggly 6 month old 🙂  Brian always loves a good silhouette too….just check out his Facebook profile.  He has one of him with the dog as his timeline cover and now this one is gracing his profile picture.  I’m glad I made the cut 😉
While I was squatting down low photographing the image above, a woman walked up behind me and offered to take my camera so I could get in the shot too.  When you are a photographer you are NEVER in the pictures so I was very grateful!  People usually freak out when I hand them my big camera so I give the most basic directions ever.  “Look through the viewfinder,  push the button half way down, when the red box appears just make sure it is somewhere on one of us (so we have a remote chance that the picture will be somewhat in focus) and take the picture.”  LOL!  This woman grabbed my camera like she was a professional photographer herself and starting clicking away like it was nothing.  She was squatting down low and just jumped in where I left off.  Then she handed back my camera, I thanked her and she was on her way.  A couple minutes later it dawned on me what just happened.  I wish I would have at least gotten her name. Thank you mystery photographer lady <3No Florida vacation album is ever complete without a palm tree photo!

Now to the real reason we come to Florida….baseball!  We have been down here to watch the Minnesota Twins spring training for something like 12 years now.  The stadium has changed quite a bit since we first started attending games in 2002.  This past year they added on a huge outfield seating area.  Now I can finally capture the stadium from center field.  It’s such a beautiful place to watch outdoor baseball.  After the game today, we rushed back to our condo to get Emi in the pool one more time before it storms again tomorrow.  It was only her second time swimming, but she has already mastered it.  She floats around, kicking up a storm…and even throws her face in the water.  Such a water baby!   It’s been fun breaking out of my mold for this month’s exercise 🙂  Now head over to Kiersta’s blog and check out her gorgeous images up next HERE!

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