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For my blog circle this month, I chose to share pictures from my son’s prom.  I may have cheated a bit by posting more than 10 photos, but we’ll count each collage as one 🙂

Prom is a major event for teens.  They invest so much time and money planning for the perfect evening.  Never have I been more happy to be the mother of a son than I was when it came to paying for the associated costs that come with prom 🙂  This was James’ first prom experience.  Stewartville High School arranged for the students to travel to Stillwater for a dinner boat cruise.  Way cooler than having prom in our high school gym!  After spending his morning at the ACT test, James raced home to get ready before pictures and grand march.

I must say his girlfriend, Serena, picked out gorgeous flowers for her custom hair piece and matching boutineer.  

When your mom is a photographer you get the pleasure of a full studio set up for your prom pictures….wether you want them or not 🙂

Serena looked stunning and elegant in her dress.  Of course, James looked quite handsome himself 🙂
After torturing James and Serena with pictures at our house, we met the rest of their group at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch for more photos.  I have a new respect for wedding photographers.  I have no clue how they are able to get everyone to look at their camera at the same time especially when there are so many other cameras going off.  In this case, a bazillion moms all trying to get the same shots at once!  It was fun with all the energy in the room and everyone looked fabulous!  The obligatory pose-with-your-mom photo because let’s be honest, it’s not very often that your kids get dressed up like this…you have to take advantage 🙂  Next time, I will at least put some makeup on, gah!

I will be completely honest, I was not sure about the white and silver vest, but it complimented Serena’s dress perfectly.  James with some of his best friends at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch.  I loved all the bright colors the girls picked out for their dresses <3

Grand March was packed!  People lined up over an hour in advance to get seats.  Luckily, my sister was able to arrive early and score us an awesome spot four rows back which was perfect for taking pictures.  Here are some of James’ best friends strutting their stuff.  Finally, James and Serena had their turn.  They were certainly enjoying their moment in the spotlight 🙂
After Grand March, the kids loaded coach buses for their trip to Stillwater.  Unfortunately, James’ girlfriend got motion sickness from the boat.  Not exactly how they wanted to spend their night, but they still managed to have fun.  Here’s to hoping next year’s prom is on solid ground!

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