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I have LOTS of blogging to get caught up on….lots, sigh.  However, I thought this was super important to post sooner, rather than later.

I have seen a lot of people advertising “cheap newborn sessions” lately.  Or the “my friend has a nice camera and she’s going to do our newborn pics”.  This is the stuff that makes me cringe as a professional photographer.  Please do your research before hiring your newborn photographer.  There are so many amazing, talented photographers in our area that not only are running legitimate, professional businesses, but they have insurance and the proper training and experience photographing and handling new babies.

Some things to consider and ask of your newborn photographer:

  • Are they keeping your infant in an environment that will keep him comfortable and warm?  If it’s too warm for you, it’s probably just about perfect for your baby.  Coming from your womb, they are used to an environment that is 98.6 degrees.
  • Do they wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before handling your baby?
  • Babies should NEVER be placed in glass or other breakable containers.  Never Ever.
  • When you look at their images, do the babies look uncomfortable?  If they look uncomfortable, they probably are 🙁  Not every baby will go into every pose.  If babies are not settling into a position well, then it’s time to move on and try something else.
  • I saw a post by a very popular newborn photographer where she was sitting on her husband’s shoulders above the baby photographing down on him.  Seriously!  I almost threw up, what if he stumbled and she fell…on the baby?!?!?  Your baby should never be put harms way.  No image is worth possible danger to your baby.
  • Is your photographer using a spotter?  It’s important when working with newborns that the baby is not left unattended and that they are never put in a situation where their head can flop.  In the image below I took special care to get the baby’s head resting comfortably on her hands with each finger extended.  I never took my hands off the baby.  When I was ready to capture this image, I had my spotter gently support the weight of the baby’s head.  In the final image I photoshopped out her hand.  Here is another example of a composite newborn image.

There is a bit of trickery used in newborn photography.  It’s so easy to see images posted online and think that is a natural pose for a baby, however, often times that is not the case.  When people who are not experienced with working with newborns attempt these poses, they may do so unsafely because they don’t understand the proper techniques involved.

When you are paying for your newborn photographer, you are paying for their experience and training as well!  Please do your research before hiring someone to photograph your most precious little bundle!As with all of my sessions, I thoughtfully hand edit each image selected for the viewing gallery.  All images are color corrected, properly exposed with blemishes and other distracting elements removed, and presented in ready-to-print form so you can see my artistic vision prior to placing your order.

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