Stewartville Artistic Seniors | Artwork in Unusual Places

Have you ventured down to the ball fields at Stewartville High School lately?  If so, you might have seen the amazing artwork on the storage container by the softball fields.  These are the talented ladies behind the graffiti style artwork.  Lauren Mikel, Brooke Bosshart and Madie Hart, all 2015 Stewartville graduating seniors.  Thanks for having me out to document another senior milestone!  

Family Photos in Minnesota | Woodbury Fall Family Photographer

I went to high school with this gorgeous mom of four and have stayed in contact with her since.  Jessica invited me up to Woodbury to document her family on the absolute most perfect fall Minnesota day!  We were only a few steps away from their home in this cute little park.  As photographers, we always aim to capture the beauty of fall with all the amazing colors.  We definitely hit this one out of the park.  The trees were incredible!  After photographing the family and siblings, we had some fun playing in the leaves and watching the children, all soccer buffs, dribble around the yard.  The last image is symbolic of Jessica’s life, a complete blur of activity, but she is surrounded by those she loves most and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Nicole Mathison Photography specializes in custom portraiture of newborns, high school seniors and families in Minnesota.