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There is nothing I love more than capturing the sweet little details of a newborn baby!  Seriously, I have the best job in the world 🙂

It’s even better when the whole family comes along and I can capture their excitement for this new little life.  The sleepless nights are quickly forgotten as parents beam with joy when they talk about their adorable little ones.  Even the proud older siblings that get to take on a new role and help out as much as possible.

When photographing newborns, I always aim to keep our sessions simple and neutral so the focus can be on the babies and the connections within the families.  I want to create images that will remain timeless that families can display proudly in their homes. 

It’s also very important to let the older siblings know that just because there may be a new baby in the house soaking up all the time and attention, that they are not forgotten! When moms take a break to feed their newborns, I get the siblings in for some one-on-one time. It’s fun to make them feel like the session is not just about the baby 🙂

Seeing older siblings in action with their new brother/sister totally warms my heart!

After family images are captured, I will move on to the baby only images. That gives older siblings and parents a break and they can kick back and relax.

When photographing newborns, I prefer to do the sessions within the first couple weeks of life. That is when they are their most sleepy, curly and posable.  That doesn’t mean I won’t take on sessions of older babies.  I love those too!

Newborns change so rapidly. That is why it is so important to have this stage documented. It’s impossible to remember those tiny details like their squishy little lips, thin peeling nails, adorable back rolls, perfect profile and sweet baby toes!

While I always aim for timeless, neutral photographs, I love to incorporate props and other special pieces that are important to the families as well. This dad made cool plaques to celebrate their family heritage. This is the one representing Nora’s Irish background….how awesome is that?!

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Nicole Mathison Photography specializes in custom portraiture of newborns, seniors, children and families in Stewartville, MN and surrounding areas including, but not limited to, Rochester, Byron, Spring Valley, Kasson, Chatfield, Hayfield, Plainview, St. Charles and Pine Island.

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