About Me

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website!

I am a professional custom photographer based out of Stewartville, MN serving the Rochester, MN and Southeastern Minnesota areas.  I specialize in fine art portraiture of high school seniors, newborns, children and families.  One of my favorite things growing up was sitting at my grandmother’s house going through old family photos.  Yes, real prints…on paper…you know, the kind that can be handed down from generation to generation!  I have a firm belief that printed artwork is the ideal medium and want my clients to have something tangible to show from their session.  A piece of artwork that can spark a conversation and immediately bring you back to the day it was captured.  When you are entrusting important family memories like these to someone, it is important to know a little bit about them to  see if they are a good match for you personality wise and style wise.


Get to know me:

I was born in Rochester, MN and raised in Stewartville, MN.  I love the small town feel, but we are still close to a big city which makes a perfect combo.

I am engaged to my best friend, Brian.  We have been supporting each other in life for 14 years now.  I have a 19 year old son, James.  You will occasionally find him assisting during family sessions.  He’s a great help and kids LOVE him!  Plus, he was a senior this past year too so I have a great grasp on what teens are looking for in their senior pictures…to stand out from the crowd!!!  We have a 2 year old girl, Emi.  She brings so much joy to our family and is probably the most photographed toddler in the state.  We also just welcomed our newest addition, Cooper.  He is our snuggly 11 month old little love and completes our family perfectly.

We are avid Minnesota Twins baseball fans.  I used to tease snow birds, but almost every year now we travel to Florida for spring training and it’s the only way I can get through the winter.

Sports play a huge role in our lives. You will almost always see me with my camera at every event, cheering on James’ or Brian’s teams with the whole family in tow.  Never underestimate the importance of supporting your children, you would be amazed at how much confidence it gives them to see you there cheering from the sidelines!

We have a rat terrier named, Spotty.  He is the best athlete in our house.

I love camping. Whitewater State Park is like heaven to me.  The only place I can go to truly unplug…mainly for the fact that there is no cell phone service there.

I make lists and would be lost without post-it notes.  As I sit here, there are 12 filled post-its on my desk.

I am a perfectionist, until it comes to house work.

Fall is my absolute most favorite season!  Everyone should have beautiful fall photos with their families <3